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Welcome to my website!

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New Stories Published! After a long streak of rejections, I’ve landed homes for three stories. I’m so glad! The newest is Waiting for Mozart on the KNOT website. Judith Richards Goes to Church is at Literary Nest website. Metta, Metta, Metta, is in the print journal Passager. Mozart was rejected by about 35 journals before it was taken. In the process, I revised it extensively. Judith Richards was accepted zoom-fast: in 3 days. Metta, Metta, Metta, schlepped around to about 40 magazines. It just goes to show: The submission process is flukey. In other words, struggling writers, the process of being rejected is an opportunity to improve your work. I sometimes write over old drafts, so it’s hard to estimate how many drafts I write, but I’d say Mozart went through about 20 revisions.

Writing Coach: I love helping writers find their voices! My new “Writer’s Nanny” service will get you writing and keep you working with greater confidence. Click here for news about my process-oriented services: I can help you by providing accountability and encouragement. Together, we will develop strategies for time management and working with creative blocks. NOTE: While I am not a therapist, I have a lot of experience and am comfortable working with writers around issues of trauma.

Recently, one client wrote: “Thank you for your authenticity and genuine helpfulness.”

My original Twitter Profile pic. Kinda miss it...

My original Twitter Profile pic. Kinda miss it…

I also offer developmental editing, copy editing, and manuscript review. I work with fiction (all genres), biography, memoir, articles, humanities texts, and adaptation of academic works for a general audience. I’ve developed and taught writing workshops since 2006.  I am a working fiction writer, and I also review books for the Philadelphia Inquirer and other venues. My MFA is from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

My client, Kathleen R. Sands, is about to release her collection of short stories as a Metabook, an app for IPad.  The Face Phantom was inspired by exhibits at Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum. –David Sedaris writes, it “nimbly walks the line between elegant and creepy.”

Click image to buy my book!

Click image to buy my book! 

Check out The Beautiful Name, my short story collection! (New stories brewing!)

Discover four indelible characters on the hunt for human connection.

Izzy, whose twin toddlers have her poised for a breakdown, escapes into a sexual danger zone.

Teenage Sarah believes she and her teacher are in love–until the man takes her to an isolated pond.

Olivia’s graduation from a Quaker school draws near, but her dad won’t leave his makeshift sanctuary in the bathroom.

Chip’s family is defined by emotional reserve. But as their father is dying, Chip’s younger sister reveals she’s writing a tell-all memoir.

All art is a communal process, and I am deeply grateful for the encouragement of the Little Neck Writers Group; the community at Springboard Sangha; my family’s support and patience; and each reader who offered such helpful critique as I wrote the book.

Praise for The Beautiful Name

The book is flat-out terrific… All four stories are wonderful, and the prose–well, it’s vintage Helen W. Mallon, which is to say it’s pure poetry.
David Jauss, author of On Writing Fiction: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom about the Craft; and Black Maps, winner of the AWP Prize for Short Fiction


Watch me being worked over by a hostile psychiatrist!

Book trailer by Paul Frank Mallon https://www.youtube.com/user/Pleasexplain/videos


About Me:    I draw on my Philadelphia Quaker heritage to explore the tension between tradition and change, repression and rebellion—and the urgent risk of speaking out.  I welcome private clients as a writing coach,  offering developmental and copy editing as well as encouragement, time management strategies, and help with writer’s block. I’m especially interested in working with writers around trauma issues. I’ve taught writing workshops since 2006.  I am a veteran public speaker and am available for author appearances. I review books for the Philadelphia Inquirer and other venues. My MFA is from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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Purchase my book The Beautiful Name: Four Short Stories from Amazon or from Powell’s.