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Published Work

New Stories Out (Click on story titles): Waiting for Mozart. A false guru, his skeptical followers, and one long-suffering wife.  Judith Richards Goes to Church: In the wake of the Charleston shootings, a well-meaning white woman visits a black church. Metta, Metta, Metta is about a young woman who’s thrown out of a silent meditation retreat when she won’t stop talking.

Reader Praise for The Beautiful Name: Four Short Stories: “Seriously, ‘Thy father has requested Cheezits’ may be the best sentence I’ve read in years.”

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 The Beautiful Name: Four Short Stories draws on my Philadelphia Quaker heritage to explore the tension between tradition and change, repression and rebellion, and the power and risk of speaking out.

Hear me interviewed by Michaela Majoun of WXPN. I also read from Did You Put the Cat to Bed?-Kelly Writers House, reading of Philadelphia Stories Authors

From Casual Day at the Crazy House:       

 …Within a week Dad moved into the bathroom.  There, thanks to wireless and his cell, he continued running his company.  Nobody seemed to think all this was as weird as I did. “The energy in the house is imbalanced,” Mom had said, pushing out a laugh. Gammy got an inward look. “There always was more to him. Give it time.”

From Marc Schuster’s review of “Casual Day” on Small Press Reviews, Champion of the Indies: “Helen W. Mallon deftly explores issues of race, madness, and acceptance all in the space of a few thousand words.”

I have published op-eds and book reviews in the Philadelphia Inquirer and written book reviews for Fiction Writers Review and The San Francisco Chronicle.

My short stories have appeared in Relief: A Christian Quarterly (Editor’s Choice Award), Philadelphia Stories Magazine, and others.

My poems appear in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and many other journals.


A Personal Essay: In Which I Survive My First Silent Meditation Retreat is on Apiary Online.
“You do not have sand under your skin, my therapist says. He’s one of those hip atheists who think non-humans should be given the right to vote, but he still comes off as a hard-nosed rationalist. The Buddhists have it all over the West, he insists: You need to learn to meditate.”  Read On