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Praise for The Beautiful Name: Four Short Stories

The book is flat-out terrific… All four stories are wonderful, and the prose–well, it’s vintage Helen W. Mallon, which is to say it’s pure poetry.

Click image to buy my book!

Click image to buy my book!

-David Jauss, author of On Writing Fiction: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom about the Craft; and Black Maps, winner of the AWP Prize for Short Fiction

Tart, surprising, often funny, these great stories are, above all, a joy to read, leaving us with memorable tales and characters, plus not a little wisdom. 

-John Timpane, poet and Media Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer

Helen W. Mallon’s fiction is relevant, hilarious and intelligent, and I truly care about her characters.

-Kitsy Clare, author of Model Position & Private Internship in her Art of Love series

Writing: From Lorene Cary, author of Black Ice, The Price of a Child, Pride, and several other books: “Thanks for your kind words and for the opportunity to get to know something of your lovely work, with its poised surface and turbulent groundwater churning below.”

20110807_inq_bk1orr31-a Book Reviews: Email from David Orr, Poetry Columnist, New York Times Book Review:   “I’m very grateful to you.  One of the difficulties in writing a book about poetry-a subject about which so many people have strong but confused opinions-is that reviewers tend to ignore what you’ve actually said in favor of something they wish you’d said, or wish you hadn’t said (even though you didn’t) and so on.  But you actually reviewed  the book I wrote.  That may sound like faint praise, but believe me, it isn’t.  Thanks so much for your kind attention.”

John Timpane, Philadelphia Inquirer:  “Helen writes at the highest level of the contemporary essay…She is an ideal writing consultant and editor. First, she is a hardworking and successful writer herself, so she knows the business, knows the market, and knows the skills and standards required for excellence in writing across many disparate fields, from business/technical writing to creative and commercial writing. Helen is personable and conscientious: her professionalism makes her both reliable and an excellent model for the working writer and the writer in the workplace. I recommend her with the highest confidence.

Private Clients:BoB_frontcoverSMALL
K.R. Sands, Boy of Bone: Twelve Stories Inspired by the Mutter Museum

“I’ve gotten far more out of my association with Helen than I initially anticipated.  When I signed up for her creative writing class… I had never thought about writing fiction seriously…But Helen encouraged me with just the right amount of challenge, confidence, and instruction…I knew I would produce better fiction if I wrote for an intelligent, educated reader with high expectations for my work… The following year, a publisher called and asked to publish a collection of my stories….This publisher also spent serious money to have the book illustrated by a nationally known artist…and to create a promotional video with an original music score and cinematography by a Hollywood team…I’m aware every day that none of this would have happened without Helen.”

Boy of Bone is now a Metabook under the title “The Face Phantom.”

Lynn Langan, YA Writer: “THANK YOU! You answered every concern I had about the plot. I thought it was too weak but I couldn’t see it. After reading your comments I have a clear direction to go in. I hope that we can work together in the future. I will recommend you to other writers! Thank you again, this is the best critique I have ever received.”
Helen Oakes, Memoirist: “Helen’s support, encouragement, and invaluable insight, especially in regard to organization and structure, have never failed to bring the work to the next level…Helen is the consummate professional–prompt and consistent–and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.”
Adrienne Redd, Ph. D. Author of  Fallen Walls and Fallen Towers: The Fate of the Nation in a Global
World:  “Helen not only paid close attention to the details in editing my doctoral dissertation and subsequent book, she also looked at the big picture. She made suggestions about improving overall organization more than once and this improved the overall outcome of her expert contribution.”

José-Manuel Navarro, Ph. D.: “Helen is a supportive, critical, encouraging and honest workshop facilitator and editor.  After two years of participating in her workshops, I honestly believe that without her support and non-judgmental approach I would have ceased writing.  For me it’s a pleasure, edification, and enlightenment to work with her.”
Rodney Sanders, graduate student, Harvard University: “Helen is supremely skilled at elucidating and communicating the intricacies of creative writing…Helen loves writing, and her enthusiasm is infectious. What I most appreciate  is that novice writers can take her class in a nonjudgmental, supportive atmosphere.