Workshops are all about TEAMWORK

Early in 2019, I realized that instead of leading writing workshops,I needed to be in one! I asked my current group if they’d let me ‘demote’ myself to a peer participant.Their response was enthusiastic and the feedback has been wonderful.Thank you,and I love you all!

I loved developing/leading writing workshops…but it’s time to root myself in teamwork.Rather than work solo,I want to join with others and contribute to something bigger than myself. 

In May, 2019 I’ll graduate from the Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia. Gestalt is not a collection of therapy techniques.It’s a way of life, based on understanding how connected all of us are, both in theory and practice. In my program, each trainee group stays together for the full 3 years.Participating in group work has been deeply healing for me. I’ve grown in both confidence and compassion, and I’m learning how to be vulnerable without resorting to my typical shame.  

To be honest, I almost dropped out a few times.Growing can be hard!

Writing in Community

  • Encouragement
  • Inspiration
  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Humor